Ways You Can Support YOUTH UNITED
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Why support YOUTH UNITED…

YOUTH UNITED provides a safe place
for children.
According to 1999 National Report Series, youth are
at greater risk of being victims of crime, or
participating in anti-social behaviors between 2 p.m.
and 6 p.m.   A joint report from the U.S.
Department of Education and U.S. Department of
Justice, shows that students in after-school
programs exhibit fewer behavioral problems, better
ability to handle conflicts and improved self-
confidence. Our services and programs are designed
to address the growing need for quality after-hours
care for youth.

YOUTH UNITED provides services to
children in an area of need.
Youth United offers a variety of services and
activities for youth and their families. Youth United
is located in zip code 90047 and our current students
attend schools in this area and surrounding
neighborhoods, and/or the families live or work in
this area. Our programs are open to students who
reside or attend school in any area, and also who
are of any race, gender, class, and ethnicity.

YOUTH UNITED addresses the
national and local dropout rate.
The dropout rate for Los Angeles High schools is
significantly higher than all other schools in the
region, and the numbers for African-Americans and
Latinos are higher than that of other ethnicities.
Grade retention contributes to the likelihood that a
student will drop out of school. According to
Education Week, students who have been retained at
least once are 33% more likely to drop out by age 18
than non-retained students. We work with students
to improve test scores, reinforce basic skills, provide
specialized tutoring, help with daily homework, and
most of all, support them in a positive environment

How to support YOUTH UNITED…

Join our LEAGUE OF LOVE with a monetary donation
Your tax-deductible DONATION goes a long way in
making a difference. Monthly, annual, or one-time

Bronze Buddy ($50)
Silver Supporter ($100)
Gold Gazelle ($500)
Diamond Donor  ($1000)
Platinum Pal ($5000)

Our LEAGUE OF LOVE donors are recognized in our
center, our newsletters, and other related publications,
unless requesting to remain anonymous.

Mail contributions to:

Youth United
2147 W. Manchester Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Or through PayPal (click below) using:

PayPal ID: admin@yunitedcenter.org

Business and Corporate Sponsors
Support from local business and major corporations
benefit our programs showing community involvement
and it allows us to build relationships and present
opportunities to help support their business as well. We
offer a variety of business specific marketing for our
agency-sponsored events, projects, and programs that
range from Logo's on literature or apparel, recognition of
contributions, company’s name announced at events, to
having a table or booth available to distribute products.
Your name :
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Your phone number:
Address, City,  Zipcode


YOUTH UNITED Academic and Enrichment Center
2147 W. Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047
323-752-1901(office) or 323-383-8482 (info line)

You can also support Youth United
by supporting our Partnering Agencies.
They help us..please visit them!!!
Not only do we have our own tutors as employees or volunteers, we also utilize the
services of Moore 4 More Tutoring Services. Please click below to find out more....
A3Arts has been very valuable in terms of our graphic design from re-designing our logo to
constructing our advertising booklets. Please support A3Arts they have been kind enough
to donate their services over the years!!! Click below to find out more....
1417 W Manchester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Candy Lane Child Care Center
Ages 2 - 6
7319 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90043

Mike's Casino Nights
Casino Entertainment
Additional Businesses we support...who support us as well!!
A-Best Insurance Services
714 - 720 N. La Brea Ave
Inglewood, CA 90302
**come by and get $20.00 off flyer
for insurance down payment

Bell's Ringing
Educational Services
(Parenting Classes, Developmental
Coaching & Educational Consulting)
P.O. Box 91405
Los Angeles, CA 90009
Ralphs Club Card and Food4Less Card
Your Ralphs Club Card is your Community
Contribution Card.
Your purchases contribute to our cumulative group of
supporters who have also signed up.

SHOP!!! :)

Register your Ralphs card by visiting www.ralphs.
com., click on “community contribution”,
use our NPO# 80334
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