Academics, Education, and Accountability ~ A PRIORITY.

Leadership, Youth  Development, Social Skills, and Cultural
Responsibility  ~ ESSENTIAL.

We take the stand to partnership with parents assisting youth and young  adults with
opportunities to grow and develop social awareness and leadership skills.  Our main
program, the After-school Enrichment Program, gives parents, who are still working when
their children are released from school, a great environmental choice for their children
to be involved in a program offering cultural, technological, recreational, and educational

Some activities are planned and structured, but there is also time for free choice and self-
expression.  We have many activities to offer and are constantly adding areas of interests
to educate, motivate, and challenge minds.

In addition to the After-School Enrichment Program, we also coordinate
other youth-related events during the weekday and on weekends.

(all of our programs are ongoing unless otherwise noted)
ALSO some Registration Forms below the Program Description

The After-School Enrichment Program operates Monday – Friday, 2pm – 7pm providing
homework help, tutoring, karate, computers, arts & crafts, music, and dance.  The success of
completing any high-school curriculum and passing skill competency tests rely on basic reading and
comprehension, in addition to math and word problems. We work with students to help IMPROVE
test scores, REINFORCE basic skills, PROVIDE specialized tutoring, HELP with daily homework, and
most of all, SUPPORT them in a positive environment. We also provide mentoring programs for girls
and boys during after-school hours, in addition to on the weekends and during the summer.

Academic Tutoring is offered during the week and on Saturdays in all subjects and grades. FREE
TUTORING is offered 1 day per week.
We also provide resources for tutoring in the home, at community locations, and online.

Saturday Programs and Services we offer Math and English tutoring, S.A.T. preparation classes,
college application assistance, and life-skills classes. We also have Teen Empowerment Programs
and Special Events.
(Some of these activities are also offered on weekdays during the
after-school program)

Parental Resource and Support Activities include parent support, parent education, parenting
classes and a monthly Parent’s Night Out. We also refer families to
community services as needed
Click here for Info on Parenting Classes  

Summer Programs are scheduled activities and comprehensive programs such as our Academic,
Arts, & Sports Program (Full & Half Day),  Day of the Arts (Painting, Photography & Music), and
Intensive Tutoring & Learning Camp.

Literacy & Beyond is an on-going reading and comprehension program designed to benefit
at-risk youth ages 8 – 13 providing tools to enhance reading skills and comprehension and
promoting academic values of education. The strategies of the program help participants identify
the importance of academic achievement and preparation for high school success.

The Educational Obstacle Course i
s an 8-week program of intensive exploration of educational
ideals, challenges, and goals. The ‘obstacle course’ is designed for the participants to recognize
their own potential and experience appropriate conflict resolution techniques for breaking barriers
and obstacles in order to defeat the educational challenges they face.  In addition, this course
addresses the development of self-esteem, basic life and work skills, ethics, and personal
(Spring & Summer)

Sure to Soar Excellence Program
is an on-going empowerment program focusing
on education, socialization, and leadership development for youth ages 13 - 16. It operates from a
buddy system approach matching youth with suitable mentors to define values, set goals, and build
on relationships. Although the program is open to all youth, it is specifically designed for
at-risk youth to prevent school dropout, teen pregnancy, and delinquency.

Lil Ladies Development Course (girls ages 5 - 9) Our Little Girls will one day grow up to be
Little Ladies. In this young girls 8-week mentoring course, we share information, experiences, and
give essential tools to help Little Girls know what it means to be “A Little Lady”. Topics include
Etiquette, Body Language, The Power of Words, and Appearance.
(Fall & Spring Sessions)

Growing into M.E. – MY EXCELLENCE
- a 10 week mentoring program for
pre-teen and teen young ladies facilitated by individuals who share their experiences of making
some sense of our vital needs as growing teens compared to the demands and pressures of society.
Growing into My Excellence by LEADing: Loving - Embracing - Accepting - Daring to be a young
lady of character and confidence.
(Fall & Spring Sessions)

BOYS  TO MENtor: Accept, Believe, and Commit
Group Mentoring in a 12 week Program with round-table discussions, rap-sessions, and activities
challenging young minds to Learn the ABCs:
Additional activities,workshops, and social field trips help support the
program’s mission and objectives.
(Fall & Spring Sessions)

For girls ages 14 – 18,
we refer families to a local nine-month structured program of activities
stressing the importance of community service, education, etiquette, college planning, and financial
empowerment. The sessions cover important topics, issues, and peer-related challenges through
rap sessions, role-playing, reflective activities, and community events.
(Enrollment through Delta Gems, Inglewood Alumnae Chapter)

We encourage, assist, nurture, and facilitate.   
We expect nothing but...GREATNESS,
in terms of helping youth become responsible
individuals and be prepared to accept the challenges
of society and our changing world.
YOUTH UNITED Academic and Enrichment Center
2147 W. Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047
323-752-1901(office) or 323-383-8482 (info line)