We offer Parenting Classes in private & in groups for
individuals, couples, and a special class for Teen Parents.

Our basic, most efficient class is a 10-week
comprehensive skill building program designed to teach
advanced parenting techniques and increase your skills
and knowledge as a parent.

For Teen Parents, there is a 16 week course that includes
child development skills and activities, parent-child infant
massage and other resource information.

  • Classes are held during the week and on weekends

  • Our 10-week Comprehensive is a 20 hour course; 2 hours
    per session

  • Additional Classes are provided in 30, 40, & 60 hours, and
    20, 24 & 52 weeks. Other hours/weeks can be customized,
    especially for court ordered classes

  • Successful completion of this course is determined by the
    number of classes attended and by the successful
    completion of the course workbook

  • Letters of Completion at course end; Letters of Progress
    are given as needed during class course

  • Ongoing Parent Coaching is available beyond general
    course requirements for additional instruction and continuous

  • Other resource information for child development, parent-
    child infant massage, and homework assistance/tutoring
    made available for participants
Bell's Ringing Educ Svc
Baby Bonding Plus

Our parenting course model is
based on Dr. Jayne A. Major who has been nationally
recognized as an expert on family education using
techniques that promote happy, cooperative, and
self-disciplined children.
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